Power Dressing - Accessories Every Man Needs for That Ultimate Business Look

Power dressing was originally created for women back in the 1900's as women were struggling to be perceived as authoritative and powerful in a business/professional setting.

But in today's world which is driven with casualism & equality, it is as important for men as well as women in business to conduct themselves with style & confidence.

Power dressing isn’t about wearing the most expensive clothes in the room. Rather, it’s a way of presenting a message about yourself through your choice of outfit. Whether you’ve a sense of fashion or not, you can show your personality while carrying a sense of authority and self-assurance wherever you go. 

This means that no matter whether you are working in a casual office environment where everyone is in jeans or a strictly traditional industry where a suit is the norm, you can stand out while still fitting in.

Accessories are the perfect way to imperceptibly alter the level of sophistication of your workwear, and transform it into an outfit. 

These are key types of accessory that every man should consider using to complete their ultimate business look and create a ‘wow’ factor at their workplace.

  1. Cufflinks :- Wearing cufflinks reflects that not only your fashion sense is up to date but also you’re thoughtful about the clothes you sport. Matching your cufflinks with either your tie or other accessory like lapel pin, watch or buttons is a great way of showing style in a subtle yet powerful manner which makes you stand out in your workplace.
  2. Tie Pin :- If you have an important business meeting to attend or negotiation to make, this accessory is perfect for you to create a powerful impact. Gone are the days of a simple straight tie pin, because now you can play around with various tie pins that grab the attention of the person you are talking to which convey that you are a sharp person in dressing and life. 
  3. Cologne and Fragrance :- The most underrated accessory for a man is his fragrance. It is advised not to keep more than two-three fragrances as your fragrance is also something people remember. You can have summer and winter fragrances but try and keep consistency in your fragrance.
  4. Bags & Briefcases :- These days bags are the new trend of asserting style with power. Formal bags  or briefcases when worn with a sharp outfit resonates a confident and reliable look which is surely to be of benefit in business dealings.          
  5. Socks :- As people are wearing formals for the major time of their days we can not experiment much with colours in our day to day clothing. Except for our socks. There are two ways to bring style elements in your socks game – Either match the colour of your socks with your shirt or wear vibrant colours and patterns in your socks to create a unique fashion statement.           
  6. Watch :- Power, Style, Richness, Worth and Class, all of these things are exhibited by one simple accessory – a watch. Watch is one of the most noticed accessories that we wear and also one that people judge us very quickly upon. Thus, make sure that you wear a simple yet elegant watch to your workplace to add that finesse to your look.