What to wear at your brother or sister’s wedding ?

Every year a beautiful fall season brings an extravagant Indian Wedding season with it. A season of family get-togethers, loud music, gleamy lights and surprisingly amazing outfits for the five wedding functions, which include Haldi, Mehndi, Sangeet, Wedding and Reception.

But it’s definitely a lot more than that when the wedding is of your own brother or sister, because then plenty of work comes along with it. And if you’re the brother to the bride or the groom, then making enough time for shopping is definitely an unrealistic expectation.

But you have done a great job by finding us because this is what we are best at sorting out for you!

We at Karan Moin have brought you some amazing bespoke fitted outfits in our ready to wear collection to pull off at your brother or sister’s wedding, to grab everyone’s attention this #shaadiseason.

  • Haldi/Mehndi : Typically Haldi and Mehndi are day functions and require one to wear the Indian outfit, Kurta Pajama. Being one of the lighter functions a kurta pajama allows you to have the much required mobility during the day and also keeping you in the theme of traditional indian setup. That being said, Kurta Pajama is a garment that can be worn in 3 different ways depending on the size of the gathering and your personal level of comfort.
    1. A self textured or embroidered Kurta with either chooridar or pant cut pajamas.
    2. A kurta pajama with a nehru jacket.
    3. A front open kurta with buttons, which we call a sherwani cut kurta paired up with pant cut pajamas.
    The colours for these functions range in the area of Yellow, Orange, Green, Pista, Beige, etc

    • Sangeet : Sangeet is usually an evening event climaxing towards a full blown night function. It’s a night filled with dancing and celebration of what is to come. Outfits like Indo-Western , Bandgala Suits , even a little heavy kurta pajamas or sherwani cut kurtas, all go well with this function. 

    1. Wedding : The Big Day, around which all the festivities of the past week or two are about. The main Wedding Day is here and it demands for us to dig in our wardrobes a traditional Indian attire as it does not get more Indian than this.
    2. We divide the wedding day into two categories :

      Groom : The groom on this day has to go in a traditional Indian Sherwani. They do have the choice of going with less embroidery or heavy but a sherwani is a must for the main man on his main day.  

      Non Groom : By Non-Groom we mean Brothers, Fathers, Best friends or even if you just have to attend a marriage, there are a few good options that you can pick from your wardrobe depending on how close this wedding is. (All still Indian)  

    3. Reception : Normally a night function which is sometimes post the wedding day. The look for this function is normally a Bandgala suit but sometimes a western 2 piece or 3 piece suit also works.

    5. Cocktail : The wild party and dancing night mostly held before the wedding function. This is a night of glam and western ballroom vibe. The garments that go for this occasion are a Tuxedo or a western suit.

      Important tips for you before deciding on your perfect outfit!

      We understand your joy when your cousin/sibling is getting married. Your excitement is natural about what to wear at your brother or sister’s wedding because all this while you had only joked about their wedding in the past, but it is not a joke anymore, it is genuinely happening. So it’s equally as sentimental as it sounds exciting!

      But there are certain things that you should keep in mind while picking up the outfit for that most-awaited day, and here we’re to help you with it!

      #Avoid Overdressing: It's best to pick the outfit in accordance with the theme of the wedding. Don't over accessorize your look as you would not want to over shadow the groom on his wedding day. So try to keep your style simple and elegant.

      # Dress comfortably: If you’re brother to the groom, then you must choose your outfit keeping in mind that you’ll be a part of the baraat and will have to dance for hours. On the contrary, if it’s your sister’s wedding you will be too busy with the khatirdaari of the baraatis for you to pull off a massive outfit. Thus, in any case pick a comfortable yet dapper outfit that’ll align with your personality.

      # Choose the right fabric: Here at Karan Moin, we have the best of the best fabrics in an extremely wide range so that you can have the choice to not only choose what we have designed but also what you want to add or subtract according to your liking. We then have a team of expert fashion and wardrobe consultants that help you to choose wisely and in accordance with the function, today’s trends and your own personal style.

      # Right Fitting is crucial: If you have the best of best fabrics with the best of the best accessories to go along, it will still not be enough. All of these without good tailoring means absolutely nothing. The importance of a good fit can not be understated. In the same situation if you have sub par fabric and average accessories to go along but your fitting is impeccable, the outfit on you that day will look amazing. “A good fit supersedes fine quality of fabric”

      We all love Indian weddings for their grandeur, celebration of colour and style. [Follow our suggestions & wear that perfect classy & elegant look to reflect your emotion..] With these pointers wear clothes that reflect the happy and momentous occasion that an Indian wedding is all about. Have fun and do everything including dancing and participating in the festivities of your favourite sibling’s wedding!