What are the basics of power dressing?

We all want to make that first impression when we walk into a room and that impression lies in the way we dress. To crack that interview or to negotiate that deal, we want to feel confident and powerful in our skin.

But how do you accomplish that? Are there tips to make it easy to look powerful? Of course! And that is what we’re gonna help you with.

Karan&Moin excels in the art of Power Dressing. We have been fortunate enough to work with people of esteemed reputation like Shri Atal Bihari Bajpayi, Mr. Virendra Sehwag, Mr. Irfan Pathan and many more.



And what we’ve learnt over the span of 30 years, is what we’re going to share with you. But before getting there we need to understand the basics of Power Dressing, which brings us to the question – What is Power Dressing?

Power dressing refers to a style of clothing intended to make wearers seem authoritative and competent, especially in professional settings of business, law and government.

Why Power Dress ?

"An appropriate wardrobe is a gentleman's strategy of image development equally as important as other business and personal plans"

Power dressing makes way for :

  • Make friends (Increase likability)
  • Builds customer loyalty
  • Attracts investors
  • Motivate your colleague/staff
  • Helps you survive difficult, stressful and conflict full situations
  • Builds confidence and self esteem

There are a few types of business dress codes – Business Formal, Business Casual & Casuals, which come with a set of unspoken rules that we’re gonna discuss now.

    1. Dress like you care :- At work, for being taken seriously it’s important that our workwear reflects the seriousness of our role and work. They say ‘our outfit plays an integral role in the way we conduct ourselves’ hence, it’s important for us to display professionalism even if we don’t have a strict dress code in our workplace.
    2. Dress suitably :- As the phrase goes ‘When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do’ it’s important to adapt yourself to the people and situation around you. Perhaps before planning your OOTD, do consider your industry, role & the work environment. Take a look at your supervisors & colleagues and dress appropriately to make a good impression on them.
    3. Wear what suits you :- Never overdo yourself just to make an impression or to fit in. Your confidence comes from being yourself and owning your real skin. Try to create your  unique impression while keeping the suitability of the occasion in mind.
  • Always be Well-Groomed :- Power dressing doesn’t just include a good and neat outfit but also the way you conduct yourself. Whether its Formals or Casuals you should always be presentable and tidy. Your hair and nails should be clean and neat. And the clothes should be wrinkle-free.  
  • Understand the importance of good fitting :-  For decades, Karan&Moin has served clients of all body shapes, sizes and have made patterns for each of their shapes & sizes. This enabled us to get you tailored fitting even in Ready Made clothes. Remember that the most exquisite suit won’t look good on you if it doesn’t fit you well. Perfectly fitted clothes should flatter your body and draw attention to the parts that you’d like to highlight.
  • Dress for the job :- You are projecting confidence and responsibility when you wear a custom suit, you are also representing your company. No one wants to give business to a person who does not look the part. If you look like a million bucks, it should not take long for you to make that much.

    In the end we would just like to say "Invest In Yourself", Tailor made suits and high quality fabric shirts don't just cost more, they will make you feel different, confident and perfect in all regards. Always blend your own personal style with the outfit requirements of your job.

    For eg - If a tie is a must then go out of your way to get fancy ties, to show that you care how you are perceived in front of others.

    But be careful, it is still a professional setting so no matter what personal style you choose, it should always show professionalism.

    "Fashion is all about creating illusions and impressions", so use it to create the best version of yourself.